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Opium Incense Cones

10 cones per package

Cone Height - 1.18"

Hem Incense cones as the name suggests are a conical shaped mass of hardened incense. Like their fellow companion incense sticks, cones are also available in various fragrances based on the combination of the ingredients. Incense cones release a different fragrance than the stick variants because there is no burning of sticks along with the actual incense ingredients. Once lit, the cones release wafting spiral smoke from the top of the cone combined with the soothing fragrances that relaxes and creates a pleasing and tranquil environment. One pack of cones contains 40 cones and one metal burner. Incense cones are used mainly during meditation practices around the world because of its therapeutic benefits. Its pure incense form emits a more homogeneous aroma that has several uses such as purifying a space prior the commencement of a meditation session. The burning time of each cone is approx. 20 minutes.

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