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Uses -

Natural Deodorant Stone

Used together with massage oils

  1. For self-massage: Himalayan salt stones are a great tool to help create proper tension relief. Said to resonate at the same frequency as the earth which counters the artificial wavelengths put off by the electronics in our life and promotes greater health and overall rebalancing. Hold a salt stone in your hand as you relax and watch television or to take a break from your smartphone.
  2. As a deodorant: A natural alternative to chemical-based, traditional deodorants and antiperspirants, Himalayan salt stones provide a protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria. Simply wet the stone and apply to desired areas thoroughly. Dry stone when finished.
  3. To remineralize skin: After a shower, use a wet Himalayan salt stone to replenish mineral deficiencies that our bodies lack. A simple glide over the skin helps you absorb 84 naturally occurring minerals and salts found in the Himalayan salt stone. Use water to wet the stone or try jojoba or coconut oil.
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